Red Ocean

We support clients in effective risk management, and provide compliance solutions to manage compliance with regulations and policies.

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Tomasz Bartoś

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roGRC platform

PLAN - module enabling our Clients constructing a plan both for high level (for entire organization) as well as for every single organizational unit of this organization

roRISK - module for comprehensive risk management covering entire organization with its essential areas.

SAMOOCENA - module enabling a detailed examination of the organization and specific areas of its functioning.

RODO - module enabling a comprehensive implementation of obligations resulting from the GDPR, including preparation of documentation required by this legal provision.

Audyt IT - module supporting an IT audit of organization based on the COBIT standard.


GENERATOR OFERT - allows you to accept and evaluate applications (eg for co-financing) directed to the client by the group of bidders indicated by him. In addition, the system gives you the opportunity to generate interesting statements, statistics and ready-made documents (eg contracts).