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Risk management system

roRISK is a module of the roGRC platform, thanks to which JSFPs can effectively and professionally manage risk. This functionality supports the achievement of goals at all levels of the organization. 

Risk management is one of the elements of management control. In accordance with the Communiqué No. 6 of the Minister of Finance of 6 December 2012 (item 56), it is defined as a set of procedures, policies and coordinated actions undertaken by both the management and other employees of the entity, which, through risk identification, its analysis and determination of appropriate responses to risk, increase the probability of achieving tasks and achieving objectives.

roRISK is JSFP’s support in risk management. The functionalities of this module enable, identification of risks in relation to tasks and objectives; risk analysis, which aims to determine the probability of a given risk occurring and its possible consequences; choice of risk response (tolerate, transfer, withdraw, act); monitoring the effectiveness of control mechanisms and the effectiveness of decisions taken.

roPD – the most important advantages of the solution

supports the achievement of objectives by transparently identifying and controlling the risks that threaten them

enables earlier identification of threats and effective implementation of remedial actions

allows to protect the individual from the negative consequences of unusual phenomena

allows for effective allocation and use of resources to deal with risk

reduces uncertainty in decision-making

improves the quality of services provided