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system for planning and reporting the activities of the unit

roPD is one of the modules of the roGRC platform, which was created in response to the needs of our clients in the field of planning and reporting the activities of a public finance sector unit. This functionality allows the entity to develop an activity plan at each level of the organizational structure (strategic and operational) and to report on the implementation of this plan. The preparation of a business plan, as well as the self-assessment of management control and risk management, is obligatory for JSFP under the law. By using our tool, JSFP employees can easily and transparently create an activity plan that will meet the requirements set out in the Public Finance Act (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 157, item 1240, as amended) and the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 29.09.2010 on the business plan and the report on its implementation (Journal of Laws of 2010, No. 187, item 1254). Drawing up an activity plan requires taking into account a number of factors, such as unfulfilled goals and tasks from previous years, or significant problems identified in the entity’s operations. The use of the roGRC platform streamlines this task, as the roPD module also collects business plans from previous years.

roPD – the most important advantages of the solution

precise definition of goals and measures of their achievement

increasing the probability of achieving the planned tasks and goals

effective monitoring of the achievement of goals and objectives

automation and streamlining of the planning process in JSFP

standardization of documentation (reports, summaries, other documents)

effective management and spending of public funds