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According to the Public Finance Act, management control in public finance sector entities is a set of activities that are undertaken to ensure that goals and tasks are achieved in an effective, economical, timely and lawful manner.

The main purpose of management control is to provide:

    • effectiveness and efficiency of operation

    • reliability of the reports

    • compliance with the law and internal procedures

    • adherence to and promotion of the principles of ethical conduct

    • efficiency and effectiveness of the flow of information

    • risk management

    • conservation of resources

In order to ensure effective, efficient and adequate management control, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate its functioning, One of the tools used for this purpose is the management control self-assessment.  

In accordance with the Communiqué No. 3 of the Minister of Finance of 16 February 2011, self-assessment of management control is a process in which the employees and management of an entity assess the functioning of management control.  

Carrying out a self-assessment can contribute to: 


    • continuous improvement of the management control system, including risk management 

    • raising awareness of the responsibility of the entity’s management and employees for the functioning of management control 

    • more efficient use of internal audit resources 

One of the most commonly used methods of self-assessment of management control is a questionnaire. 

roKZ enables self-assessment of management control using a questionnaire, in accordance with the guidelines of the Minister of Finance.  


roKZ – key functionalities

management control self-assessment questionnaire tailored to the individual needs of local government units

the ability to provide answers in various forms (e.g. linear scale, descriptive form)

monitoring the progress of self-assessment in the unit at individual levels

identification of areas for improvement and ready-made recommendations

improving communication between management and lower-level employees in the unit

monitoring the progress of self-assessment in the unit at individual levels