Risk management support system in Warsaw

end of October turned out to be very busy for the Red Ocean KZ Team. We
have completed the last stage of the contract concluded with the
Capital City of Warsaw for the construction of the Risk Management
Support System.Przedmiotowe narzędzie wspierające zarządzanie ryzykiem umożliwia w szczególności:

    • Monitoring the achievement of the objectives described in the strategy, programmes and projects as well as the annual plans;
    • Monitoring the risk assessment process (identification, analysis, including probability and impact estimation, evaluation);
    • Monitoring risk modification and risk management decisions;
    • Monitoring the level of key risk indicators;
    • Periodic and ongoing reporting of metrics/indicators;
    • Ongoing incident reporting;
    • Monitoring actions taken in response to significant incidents;
    • Generating reports;
    • Updating (proposing) dictionaries of objectives, metrics, indicators and risks;
    • Conducting surveys.

addition to building the System, our tasks also included conducting
training for 200 of the Client’s employees, preparing materials for
self-education (manual, manual, videos) and conducting a pilot project
to check the correct operation of the System. We are glad that the
entire project was completed ahead of schedule and in accordance with
the client’s requirements.  

The next stage will be further development and maintenance of the System.
We have already planned functionalities that can significantly improve
the quality of work in the System and improve the risk management
process in all City units. We are constantly open to new challenges and
projects, we are constantly improving ourselves to become experts in
this field as well.  

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