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We support our clients in effective risk management and provide compliance solutions for managing compliance with regulations and policies.

roGRC platform

roPD - allows you to construct a plan at the level of the entire organization and each internal organizational unit.
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GDPR - comprehensive implementation of obligations under the GDPR, including the preparation of the required documentation.

roRISK - comprehensive and professional risk management at the level of the entire organization.
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IT audit - support in conducting an IT audit in the organization based on the COBIT standard.

roKZ - allows for self-assessment of management control at the first and second level in accordance with the requirements of the Public Finance Act.
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Surveys - allows you to conduct any survey on a selected group of users.

roVOTE - a module that enables support for remote meetings and voting for members of supervisory boards and management boards.

RedAlert – safe and anonymous reporting of irregularities by whistleblowers and the ability to handle these reports on the part of the organization.
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roGRANT – allows for the acceptance and evaluation of applications (e.g. for co-financing) addressed to the Client by a group of bidders indicated by the Client. In addition, the system allows you to generate interesting statements, statistics and ready-made documents (e.g. contracts).

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