Red Ocean

RedOcean Philosophy

Where does the name come from? Quite often, we are asked why this is the name we chose for our company?

"Red ocean" does not seem to have much in common with the area of our activity.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Red ocean. The term comes from the theory of strategic management, and in particular from the area of creating a strategy for the competitiveness of enterprises, which consists in determining the key sources of competitive advantage of the company based on an in-depth analysis of the company and its external environment.

In one of the interesting theories of competition strategy, the concepts of the blue and the red ocean strategy were defined. The strategy of the blue ocean recommends that the way of overcoming competition consists in stopping attempts to overcome it. In other words, the red-ocean strategy is to penetrate the known market space, while the strategy of the blue oceans is based on the penetration of an unknown market space.

Red ocean strategy Blue ocean strategy
Competing on an existing market Creating a new market for the company
Concentration on overcoming competition Competition is not important
Existing market demand is used A new demand is created
The company's strategy focuses on finding a compromise between value and cost The company's strategy does not focus on finding a compromise between value and cost
The organization of the entire company's operations system in accordance with its strategic choice between uniqueness and low costs Organizing the whole system of the company's activities in accordance with its striving for uniqueness and low costs

We operate on the IT market and focus on improving the efficiency of IT organizations. We optimize the operation of IT processes, infrastructure and IT organization. So it seemed natural to us to take the name Red ocean.

Red Ocean's philosophy is to provide services that exceed client’s expectations. In each of our three main areas of operation, we are guided by the proper reading of customer needs and the supply of appropriate products. Before each implementation, we specify in detail and discuss the scope of the work carried out. Many years of experience in the field of IT allows us to communicate effectively with clients and offer solutions that meet the client's needs.

Exceeding your expectations…. Red Ocean.