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Organization support in the area of IT Governance

Organizations requiring support in the area of IT Governance have at least one of the following problems:

  • The current IT strategy does not meet the needs of the organization and its actual state, which means that structured IT work is impossible.
  • Information and data are scattered in parts due to the lack of IT tools integration.
  • The pace of development work is insufficient, which makes it impossible to meet business expectations.
  • Reacting to problems without projects and pre-emptive activities.

The activities organizing the IT organization begin with the implementation of the strategy, and its operationalization can be supported by the establishment of IT Governance processes or the entire process of IT transformation. In order to effectively develop an IT strategy, we use our methodology of work:

  • Stage 1. Analysis of the current state. At the beginning, we get to know IT and its surroundings, we check the work done so far in the area of IT strategy. Stage 1 is the starting point for further design work.
  • Stage 2. IT diagnostics. The multifaceted IT analysis will enable identification of its strengths and weaknesses and will also allow the development of gaps, including technological and procedural gaps.
  • Stage 3. Setting IT goals. General IT goals will result from business needs, and these will translate into the final IT shape that the organization seeks.
  • Stage 4. Creating an action plan. Each goal and target model from the previous stage will be translated into a specific action embedded in time and budget.